Biz in English helps

businesses and organizations communicate across linguistic

and cultural barriers.



Biz in English envisions a world free of linguistic and cultural boundaries.


We are a project management and staffing consultancy serving government and private industry clients throughout the state of California.   

Our core capabilities include foreign language translation and interpreting, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting, American English language coaching, bilingual administrative personnel staffing, and cultural liaison services. 

Our linguistic consultants empathize with our clients because they also have experienced the challenges of foreign language and culture immersion.

Biz in English is uniquely positioned to offer cultural immersion guidance, professional advocacy and oral communication coaching to increase client confidence in everyday situations.



Biz in English leverages linguistics expertise to help businesses and organizations understand, navigate and surmount sociocultural challenges.

Our vision is to help our linguistic consulting clients: 

  • enhance organizational communication and business productivity  

  • increase team member retention and job satisfaction 

  • cultivate a diverse work environment characterized by mutual trust and respect 


Biz in English develops discrete partnerships with domestic and international business-to-business clients requiring professional American English language expertise.  


Language should not be a barrier to doing business. 


Allow our worldly teammates to help you standardize the business environment. 

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting

ASL Icon.png

In-Person and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) American Sign Language Interpreting Services.

Servicing government and private industry clients in the state of California.

ASL Interpreting

In-Person Foreign Language Interpreting Services.

Serving government and private industry clients in the state of California.

Foreign Language Interpreting

Foreign Language Interpreting


Foreign Language Translation


Biz in English translates your sensitive business documents to and from American English.

We value and adhere to strict privacy standards. 

Foreign Language Translation

American English Language Coaching

Enhance your confidence speaking with native speakers in real-world situations.  

Our team members can support today’s rapidly expanding remote work environment or meet you in-person. 

American English Language Coaching


Biz in English bilingual native speakers of American English accompany executives on international business travel as trusted guides on cultural nuances and in-county language support.

Foreign Travel Support

Foreign Travel Support


In-Country Partnerships


Allow Biz in English to provide or connect you with professional services support and deal negotiation support, including with an international law firm, as needed, to assist in closing new business. 

In-Country Partnerships